Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My reply to comments posted by dear Brent Poirier and Dr. Kavian S. Milani.

Your comment lacked sincerity and humbleness. It was devoid of Baha’i moral and Ethics. You cannot hurt the feelings of a fellow believer. You are unaware about the behavior of Central figures of the Faith certainly not of Beloved Shoghi Effendi. You have not seen the sincerity and humbleness of the Members of House of Justice. You are unaware of Baha’i way of consultation. Before commenting on any of my posting, I would advise you to follow Ethics of Internet.

Here I am compelled to answer your comment just because you claim yourself to be a Baha’i.

You claimed to be a self appointed spokesman on behalf of the Baha’is of Jewish background claming to know the Jew mentality very well. I am sure you are not authorized for it. It was not proper at all. The Jews whether “Baha’is” or “Not yet Baha’is” are the most soft spoken, sincere and humble people on earth.

You have done a thorough spell check of my bog and questioned me whether spell checks are not available on Iranian computers? Well the answer to your allegation is that I am REALLY unaware about the Iranian computers and its working but with absolute certainty I can say that spell checks are available on every American computer and must be available on the computers of followers of Mason Remy as well. Be assured I have not gone through your SITES and will never go, even for spell checks. We shun the Covenant Breakers.

I would advise you that next time when you log on to any Baha’i site do not go for spell checks but go for understanding the content

You very well tried to put a doubt, regarding Infallibility of the HOUSE in the minds of Baha’is under the grab of "misspell". I assure you that none of the Baha’is will fall in your trap. They will continue to believe that the Noble body is Infallible.

In Baha’i Faith we do not have preferences of Nationalities. Our two members of International Centre are Persian. Four members of the infallible body are Persian. We have a large number of Counselors and ABMs who are Persian. What more 10 out of 26 Hands of Cause were Persian. Mind it 26 and not 27.

In fact in every NSA we have at least one member who is Persian usually the Treasurer or the Secretary.

Regarding the Concept of A cluster producing 1000 converts, I would say, please update your knowledge about Baha’i Plans. Let me remind you that ENVITY is bad. In future when ENTRY BY TROOPS will begin, we will have more than 1000 converts in a year.

Well your enmity was reflected most in your last sentence calling “Anti Baha’i”. I fail to understand that if the Teaching is permitted in the Holy Land, how it can be termed as Anti Baha’i. Are you aware that in the present world only two types of people exist “Baha’is” and “Not Yet Baha’is”? It clearly points out that a day will come when the whole world will be following Baha'u'llah, that includes Jews as well.


Brent Poirier said...

I will deal humbly and gently with any person who sincerely speaks, even if I disagree with every word the person says. But you have one motive: Through trickery and deceit to cause trouble to Baha'is. And it will not succeed, because man plots and God plots, and God is the best plotter. You seek to bring down ruin and persecution on the absolutely innocent Baha'i community -- yet you consider yourself to be misunderstood, and you seek to garner sympathy for yourself. But your motives are clear for anyone to see, from this one single example: You continue to claim that a Baha'i gathering was held in New York City to promote the teaching of the Baha'i Faith to Jews in Israel, and you claimed to have a photograph of that event. Your plot came unraveled, when the Baha'is pointed out that the gathering was not in New York City, it was in England; and it was not Baha'is of Jewish background, it was British Baha'is of Christian background. And it was not for promotion of the teaching of Jews in Israel, it was for charitable purposes. So, you have changed the photograph. You searched the internet for some other event, and you settled on a Baha'i youth gathering in Newcastle England. You still have it labeled as a gathering of Baha'is of Jewish background, but anyone can see the truth: http://tinyurl.com/5xfdow
As Baha'u'llah offered this prayer for a Persian shaykh, I present it to you in the same spirit: "We beseech God to aid thee to be just and fair-minded, and to acquaint thee with the things that were hidden from the eyes of men. He, in truth, is the Mighty, the Unconstrained. We ask thee to reflect upon that which hath been revealed, and to be fair and just in thy speech, that perchance the splendors of the daystar of truthfulness and sincerity may shine forth, and may deliver thee from the darkness of ignorance, and illumine the world with the light of knowledge." (Baha'u'llah, Epistle to the Son of the Wolf, p. 10) If you follow that counsel, you will my tone different towards you. But for now, you seek to defame the sacred Cause of God, and I will not sit by silent.
Want to try again?
Or want to try sincerity?

Brent Poirier, Lowell Mass. USA

Brent Poirier said...

The funny thing is, my dear Aunt just wrote to me. There is a man in Europe who hates Muslims and hates Islam and the Prophet of Islam. He made a speech, filled with invective, in which he stated that the Holy Prophet of Islam, Peace Be Upon Him, "was a warlord, a mass murderer, a paedophile". She asked if I could please help her to refute this, because in the West, hatred is building against Muslims. I spent a portion of my morning clarifying Muhammad's life and deeds, and explaining, from the Baha'i Teachings, that His military actions were defensive in nature. I, a Baha'i in the West, whose faith is under attack in some Muslim countries in the East such as your own native land of Iran, am speaking out for the truth of the Prophet Muhammad, and the sanctity of the Revelation from God found in the Qur'an. I am not unique in this regard--many other western Baha'is do the same thing. Some of our tools to explain the truth of Islam for Westerners, come from Baha'is. Mr. Stanwood Cobb, an early Baha'i academic, wrote "Islamic Contributions to Civilization" which puts the grandeur of Islamic civilization into proper perspective. Likewise Hasan Balyuzi's "Muhammad and the Course of Islam" is biographical and historical in nature and shows the sanctified life of the Prophet Muhammad, and the benefits flowing from Islam. These actions of Baha'is in defense of Islam are not unusual. We Baha'is in the West are in a better position than are you Muslims from the East, "Mr. Johanna", to defend Islam from its detractors in the West, and to demonstrate that the Qur'an is, indeed, divine revelation. Yet, although the Baha'is are urged in their own sacred writings to demonstrate the truth of Islam to the West, those Muslims who have not read the Baha'i teachings for themselves with fairminded eyes, seek to stamp out the Baha'i Faith! Many Western Baha'is own a Qur'an. We study it, in our communities and in our Summer Schools. Our Writings quote it often. I challenge you to find, anywhere in America, non-Muslims who are familiar with the Qur'an and the history and laws of Islam; who genuinely love the Prophet Muhammad as an equal with Jesus Christ and Moses and Baha'u'llah; who believe in His infallibility and the great civilization He brought. You cannot find such informed friends of Islam anywhere. And though we Baha'is are friends of Islam and seek to distinguish its Truth from those among its followers who act in ways unworthy of its holy name; it is uninformed Muslims who seek to silence the Baha'is and destroy the Baha'i Faith. How very strange!

Anonymous said...

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