Sunday, May 12, 2013

An open letter to Dr. Payman Mohajer

Dear Dr. Payman Mohajer,

Sub : The Greatest Mystery of Bahá'í Faith is now solved; Teaching in Holy Land of Israel

Your concern towards morality is well known in the Bahá'í Faith. Indeed you have contributed immensely (both directly and indirectly) in giving due importance to this aspect in the Bahá'í Faith. You would agree that as Bahá'ís, we are also concerned of the morality of our immediate environment, as the Faith aims at creating a conducive environment for the Faith to thrive and prosper. Also, adverse conditions of the society, could have an impact on members of Bahá'í Faith.

With this background, I sincerely appreciate your stand during one of the training secessions of Teachers/Animators of Study circle, you posed a thought-provoking question to the participants, "What is the purpose of our core activities?"

You then went on to share an explanation, by giving the example of a glass. You said, that while it is not inaccurate to say that the glass is transparent, it is evident that transparency is not the purpose of the glass. Transparency is one of the attributes of the glass, but its purpose is to hold liquid. Similarly, one of the attributes of our core activities is that they become portals for entry by troops or instruments for teaching - but that is not their purpose ! Now if someone were to ask us whether the purpose of our inviting them to join study circles is to make them Bahá'ís, we can confidently say 'NO' and tell them that the purpose of our core activities is to assist in the transformation and betterment of society."

This approach solves a puzzle. One of the biggest mysteries of the Bahá'í Faith, is not teaching the Faith in Israel. Mr. Payman Mohajer, as a die hard supporter of Persian Bahá'ís in Bahá'í Administration, you have initiated teaching Ruhi Book in Israel. Indeed Bahá'u'lláh guides us from one idea to another!

In the Message on behalf of Universal House of Justice you mentioned : “Let us start children moral classes in Israel of children age between 6 to 11 years, Jr. Youth classes of age between 12 to 15 years, launch Intensive program of growth, contact the parents of the children and Jr. youth invite them to study circles try to make them good human beings, develop essential virtues such as the knowledge of God, trustworthiness, honesty, and justice Build a strong moral framework that will assist children/Jr. Youths and their parents to achieve excellence in material, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of life.”

"If they (Israeli Jews) insist that we want to become Bahá'ís, we say to them,” Teaching of the Bahá'í faith is not permitted and hence we cannot accept any declaration from them. The purpose of our core activities is to assist in the transformation and betterment of society."

Mr. Mohajer your idea could not have come at a better time. The state of morality today in Israel is at its nadir. The western culture has penetrated to an extent that we find Israel a replica of USA. Be it addiction to drugs and alcohol, disrespect to parents, irresponsible behavior at school / colleges or any other vice – Israel today is in forefront. The matter is so grave that even a section of religious Jews have been staging demonstrations drawing attention of the Government towards need for reformation. At this hour of crisis, I think it is worth that Study Circles (Ruhi Book) be initiated. The Ruhi Books have been so systematically drafted that it is sure to touch the lives of the students.

Keeping in mind the sensitivities of ban on propagating the Faith in Israel, the Ruhi Book should be taught just with the aim of improving the moral standards.

I think, as Bahá'ís, we will be doing our bit to contribute towards the country which has sheltered us and in which our Holy Land is located.

We owe it to Bahá'u'lláh and `Abdu'l-Bahá, that the land which has their shrines is kept pure and becomes model of morality.

Mr. Mohajer, would appreciate your initiative in this direction. I am sure the UHJ would also be supportive. Together let us work towards making the world a better place to live.

Taken from the Internet