Monday, September 15, 2008

Co-operation between the State of Israel and Baha’i Faith

1-Bahai Faith is officially recognized in State of Israel.

2-All their possessions and properties are being exempted from Government taxes and duties and even for their necessary imports the Baha'is enjoy exemption of custom duties.

3-The publication of Bahai news and information in Israeli news paper and their broadcast over the Israeli radio is permissible and moreover radio Israel sometimes congratulates the Baha'is on their festivals

4-Mrs. Ruhiya Rabbani in one newspaper where she had said "I prefer that the youngest religion i.e. Bahai Faith grows and expands in the most newly country in the world i.e. Israel. we belong to this place and have attachment to each other and in fact it must be said that the future of us and Israel is like the rings of one chain connected to each other."

5-When a Baha'i from other country wants to visit State of Israel, the Israel security exempts the Baha'is from rigorous questioning, if he shows the letter from the UNIVERSAL HOUSE OF JUSTICE.

6-We acknowledge the periodical visits of Israeli Prime Ministers, Presidents and other high ranking officials at our World Centre. The Kind and the good words which they spoke for our Faith cannot be easily forgotten. The last which we heard was former Prime Minister Mr. Arien Sharon.

7-The Government officials in Israel have access to factual information about the Faith, its history and general principles. Books concerning the Faith are available in libraries throughout the State of Israel, and Israelis are welcome to visit the Shrines and the surrounding gardens.

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Baquia said...

1- same can be said of hundreds of other countries

2- same can be said of hundreds of other countries

3- same can be said of hundreds of other countries

4- same can be said of hundreds of other countries. Think of Abdu'l-Baha's visit to NY and the importance placed on it to be titled the City of the Covenant. Think of the travels to Paris and other European countries. To Iran, the cradle of the Faith. To Iraq, home to the Baha'i pilgrimage site. etc....

5- CATEGORICALLY FALSE - I have visited Israel under such an invitation and I can tell you that as well as myself, the rest of Baha'is that came in the same flight underwent gruelling questioning. Israel is not dumb. It would not have survived this long if it did not act with the strictest of controls.

6- same can be said of hundreds of dignitaries, prime ministers, kings, presidents, etc. from other countries.

7- same can be said of hundreds of other countries