Monday, October 6, 2008

"Holy Land" is so very holy to Baha'is also!

My Dear Brent Poirier,

Your both the comments can be termed as "SELF PRAISED" & "Ego boosting stuff "
You called yourself to be SINCERE, a defender of Islam and Muslims & a Crusader of Baha’i Faith.

A possessor of these qualities need not shout from roof tops.

I still fail to understand that if a Baha’i wishes to teach the Faith in Israel also, what doom has he brought to the Faith? what harm has he done? Which law of Kitab-i-Aqdas he has trampled?

The fact is that why only “YOU” are perturbed about it. We have received 65 mails mostly praising our efforts. Some of them have appreciated the idea but asked us to take the prior permission from the Universal House of Justice.

A true Baha'i does not always condemn “Iranian Muslims”, Here are two examples, those who are aware about the true Baha'is spirit will understand :

In 1982 when Baha'i persecution in Iran was at its peak, in one of the deepenings conducted by Late Mrs. Gloria Faizi (Wife of Late Hand of Cause Mr. Abul Qasim Faizi) an Iranian Baha'i said some unpleasant things about the Iranian Muslims. The same moment Mrs. Faizi reprimanded the Baha’is about his comment and said, “it is not proper to blame the Iranian Muslims for the persecution, but the Iranian officials are responsible for it”. She even asked the gathering to refrain from BACKBITTING. Those who know the Baha’i culture will understand the essence of Baha’i Faith in this incidence.

You have even embarrassed the Noble House. Is it not that the beloved house had thanked and appreciated the step taken by Mrs. Shirin Ebadi for taking up the issue of YARAN. Although she is a staunch Iranian Muslim.

These two points are enough to let the readers of the blog understand, who is ANTI BAHA’I
Dear Mr. Brent I will give you a final answer, If you had a slightest doubt that I had some evil intention, then the Baha’i culture says, “leave that individual”. It is clear that you are unaware of this Baha’i culture.

Regarding reading of the Holy writings it was a good reminder that you are reading, “An Epistle to the son of Wolf”, the other recommended readings for you are “Covenant” by Mr. Adib Taherzadeh & “Mason Remy and Those who followed him” (An article by International Teaching Centre).

I do not need a certificate from the followers of Mason Remy to certify my efforts.

(Above image : Funeral of Abdul baha in Haifa, Israel)


Anonymous said...

Baha'u'llah Himself set the requirement that the Baha'i Faith was not to be taught in the Holy Land until there were approriate conditions.

The decision of when and how the Baha'i Faith is to be taught in Israel is solely within the purview of the Universal House of Justice, and it has determined that this is not the time. Your attempt to push such teaching is a willful ignoring of the wishes of the Universal House of Justice and potentially harmful to the Faith - both in Israel and other countries.

Your comments on Brent Poirier indicate you are unaware that he is quite well versed in the teachings in this regard and in terms of the covenantal responsibility we Baha'is have in relation to the Universal House of Justice's wishes in this matter.

Your blog is not only unwise, but demonstrates a significant failure of understanding.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friend,

I also love Israel passionately and believe that the earth indeed know its great destiny when Israel can receive the Teachings of Baha'u'llah.

What a tremendous day that will be. However, now is not the proper time. The injunction against direct Teaching in the Holy Land comes from Baha'u'llah.

The more we teach the Faith to those who are receptive in lands where the Faith can be taught, the sooner we will see Israel coming to the Faith.

Anonymous said...

why is the flag covering the Baha'i building? There is no such flag in Haifa and no flag on Baha'i premises.

Anonymous said...

I am looking for the actual statement, writing, or Scripture from Baha'u'llah requiring Baha'is not to teach in the Holy Land. I've seen this statement in multiple places and of course in the letter from the UHJ regarding "Teaching Israeli's."

Would you be able to help?