Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Very soon ‘Teaching Activities’ will start in the State of Israel for our Jewish brethren

Letter of The Universal House of Justice to a Baha'i :

Dear Bahá’i Friend,

In reply to your email of 23 October 2002 to the Universal House of Justice, we have been asked to convey the following. It is not possible, given all of the instructions and exhortations addressed to the believers by Baha’u’lláh, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá and Shoghi Effendi, that the House of Justice would ever advise communities that are free to pursue teaching plans that it was not timely to talk about such efforts and enroll new Bahà’is.

Nor could it, contrary to Baha’u’lláh’s explicit command, allow any other activity in the Bahá’i community to diminish the responsibility of individuals to teach the Cause. Precisely the opposite is true. A major object of the recent emphasis on establishing training institutes is to increase the capacity of individuals to teach the Cause effectively. Study circles, which are local extensions of an institute, are intended to serve this purpose. While it is highly desirable to include seekers in study circles wherever possible, the individual believer retains the inescapable duty to teach the Faith on his or her own initiative. Anyone who carefully reads the messages of the House of Justice will find that it has consistently exhorted and encouraged individuals to teach the Faith, pointing to the many possibilities of exploiting the opportunities that the turmoil of the present age provides. In this regard, there is abundant evidence from countries around the world, including the United States, that the institutions of the Faith at all levels and institutes through their courses focus attention on the importance of teaching.

The friends should not allow discussions that go on in the community to confuse or divert them from what has always been a clear understanding of their individual responsibility for teaching the Cause of God. The unfortunate consequence of so much discussion about teaching is that the friends often talk themselves out of taking action, when this is clearly a matter in which action speaks louder than words. Indeed, it is always time to teach the Faith and enroll new believers.

We are to assure you of the prayers of the House of Justice in the Holy Shrines on your behalf that your individual efforts to teach the Faith may be divinely confirmed.

With loving Bahá’i greetings,

Department of the Secretariat

This letter of the Universal House of Justice clearly states that the Bahà’is can teach in Israel. Only two very important aspects should be considered : One is WISDOM while Teaching the Faith and Second, the Message of Universal House of Justice Regarding TEACHING THE FAITH IN SENSITIVE COUNTRIES b'coz Israel is one of the sensitive countries. The day is not far that we will have numbers of Study circles, Children classes, of course Moral ones and IPGs of Bahà’i Faith in every city of Israel.

This picture is imaginary. We pray to Baha'u'llah to give us success and make it true.


Shimon said...

I am a Jew, the Bahai religion is a beautiful religion and this is a blameworthy situation. You are always welcome in Israel, we are proud to host your wonderful gardens and I would give my life protecting freedom of religion, like most israelis would.

Anonymous said...

Dear Shimon

When Muhammad entered in Medina(jewish word) jews welcomed him but Muhammad exterminated the 3 jewish tribes of Medina they were jews because they accepted the jewish religion but they were converted arabs. Bahais praise and worship Allah and consider Muhammadthe profet of allah. Welcoming a religion that is islamic in Israel is a shame. Shame on you - I am an ex iranian bahai