Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The Guardian has frequently referred, in his messages to the National Assemblies, to the cordial relations existing between the State of Israel and the International Center of the Faith. He has expressed his deep appreciation of the assistance given by the Prime Minister, Mr. Ben-Gurion, and the Ministries of the Government in various ways. Some of these have already been alluded to, in connection with the construction of the Shrine of the Bab and the designation of historical sites of the Faith as Baha’i Holy Places.

Of vital importance has been the increasing evidence of greater and deeper understanding of what the Baha’i Faith is and what it stands for. Contacts by members of the International Baha’i Council with the departments of the Government, both State and local, and with many Cabinet officials, have done much to help in establishing and maintaining these cordial relations.

A reception given by the International Council at the Mansion of Baha'u'llah at Bahji was one of the first steps taken to establish friendly understanding. It was attended by Government officials, Consuls, representatives from the Ministry of Religions in Jerusalem and by many friends and acquaintances. Greetings have been extended to the Baha’is, in turn, by means of Israeli radio broadcasts on special Baha’i Feast Days, such as Naw-Ruz and Ridvan. Baha’i books have been placed in the library of the Ministry of Religions and presented to the Minister himself, who is a profound student of religions, at his request.

The importance of the fact that the International Center of the Baha’i World Faith is in Israel is being more and more realized by authorities of both the State Government and the cities of Haifa and 'Akka. Many Cabinet officials have visited the Shrine of Baha'u'llah, the Shrine of the Bab, the Mansion of Bahji, and the Baha’i Gardens in 'Akka and on Mt. Carmel.

See Baha’i World Volume XII (1950-1954) Page : 46

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